How did Chairman Mao’s only precious picture with a gun come from

How did Chairman Mao's only precious picture with a gun come from
Source: in order to improve the ability to prepare for war, the PLA carried out mass military training activities in the early 1960s, and held a massive military contest in 1964. Various services and arms competed in the competition field from land, blue sky to sea, and a large number of advanced units, top trainers and technical experts emerged. According to statistics, there are more than 13700 officers, soldiers and militia participating in the contest and performance. There are 1212 award-winning units and 2257 award-winning individuals, including 289 collective first-class top men and 545 individual first-class top men. The people’s navy and air force have also combined training, competition and actual combat to achieve good results. The sharpshooter song Shizhe, the leader of the people’s Republic of China, hailed Chairman Mao for raising song Shizhe’s type 56 semi-automatic rifle